Kristina Cutura

AdWords Consultant

Are you looking for a certified Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) consultant? Kristina Cutura is an AdWords pioneer helping clients improve their pay per click (PPC) advertising efforts with Google AdWords marketing. As an AdWords expert, I provide resources, tips and advice to help you manage your AdWords advertising better to achieve your online goals. I have helped a variety of businesses by working on a consulting basis to make great improvements to your ROI.

Certified AdWords Partner

Hiring an AdWords expert is the optimal option for Google AdWords marketing services, especially if you don’t have internal resources to learn the complex AdWords systems and PPC best practices. As an expert AdWords consultant, I interact with businesses that spend considerably more than necessary on AdWords. With the right account set-up and optimization strategies, you could be getting better quality traffic and more leads or sales.

An Experienced AdWords Consultant Can Help You:

  • Get on the 1st page of Google for any number of keywords.
  • Increase your click through rate by writing persuasive ad copy.
  • Remove unqualified tire-kickers from your budget.
  • Boost your click through rates.
  • Help set goals and optimize your profits.
Published AdWords Author

My book Advertising on Google: The High Performance Cookbook is a collection of hands-on recipes for creating and optimizing Adwords. The book takes you through the account set-up process and discusses how to fine-tune your campaigns.

The book begins with the research you’ll need to conduct before starting with Adwords, including figuring out how competitive your market is and finding out what your competitors are doing. It takes you through the account set-up process from the beginning to the end, including how to fine-tune your campaigns based on the rich reporting available. You will also learn how to bid effectively so that you are not overspending and instead focus your budget on what is working for you.

No Long-Term Contracts

As your Google AdWords consultant, I will help you increase your profits and make your website presence more prominent. Some advertisers prefer to continue managing their accounts on their own but would like to learn more about the AdWords platform and the different advertising opportunities for online business improvement. I provide hourly consultations and training sessions to help my clients learn the system and how to manage your account independently. As a certified consultant, I have the background and skills necessary to make AdWords work for you.

Cross-Platform Advertising

AdWords is one of the many advertising and marketing options available to your online business. I recommend advertising platforms, including: Bing Ads, Facebook, and AdRoll. I also recommend my clients, especially those new to PPC, fine-tune their AdWords campaigns before expanding to other platforms. As an AdWords expert, my goal is to work with a select number of accounts, so I may continue to provide dedicated, highly personal customer service, strictly focused on obtaining relevant traffic at the lowest prices possible.

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